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Remote Working - The New Norm

So our regular working environment has been thrown into turmoil. Schools are closed and our workforce has been forced to stay at home. We’ve been forced to embrace new buzz words and new technology as the norm, and rethink the way we do business on a daily basis. Video conferencing, which is probably something that most of us did occasionally, if at all, is now taking place on a daily basis. Cloud is not something only in the sky anymore.

And most of us are coming out the other side. What have we learned through all this?

In actuality, most of us use the cloud in some shape or form already. It has become apparent that we have the infrastructure in place to cope with all this. Your internet hasn’t stopped. Whoever your internet provider may be, they probably already use the public cloud. Whether it’s Google, Microsoft or Amazon, they all have data centres in your area and abide by the local laws when it comes to data storage and management.

But is it secure?

The short answer is yes. They all give us the tools to secure our data, after all we, as business owners, all know that our data is our bread and butter. These data centres have the highest levels of security, after all these companies have deep pockets to make sure that nobody gets in. Some have even assured us that “your data is your data!”. But it’s up to us to make sure that these tools are configured correctly to ensure that we only let those allowed to access our bread and butter.

And once we have given those access to what they needs to keep our doors open, how can we minimize the risk of someone outside of the core group of seeing what we don’t need to be public knowledge? Sure, we can supply laptops, but mobile phones are computers too! Whilst phone apps are a great convenience, how can we control this extra access portal, and stop data being accessed or even worse, copied?

The systems are there, and they’re affordable. But it’s still an extra cost! How much has this pandemic cost so far, and how much more in the future? Well, ask yourself one question, if all these systems are out there and affordable, and it has been proven that my staff can effectively work at home, why do I need such large premises?

Business has changed, and we need to adapt our core model to react to this. History has a way of repeating itself, so we must prepare ourselves for what may come. Take time to review your system requirements and make sure you have everything you need to continue in this new era. But don’t over buy! Chances are you are already paying for the software to allow  business to continue in a secure manner, without reacting to a new trend. And if in doubt, ask!